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Athletic Zaji

Athletic Zaji

Established in 2012, Athletic Zaji FC is a football club that is nurturing footballing talent right from the foundation. Ours is a kids football club that has the vision of helping the kids play soccer in the highest levels any footballer can dream of!

The team is made up of kids from the sprawling Nyalenda Slums, and who have a determination and a resolve not to be defined by their circumstances. Many are the times the kids come to training having not had breakfast or lunch, but still, they COME. No excuses, but sheer resolve.

The kids train barefoot, with old footballs, obviously without shin guards, on an uneven, pebble filled pitch, but they still show up for training without fail. Even under scorching sun, and sweltering heat, with no drinking water sometimes, football gets played.

Captained, by ‘Pedro’, Athletic Zaji players are a new brand of football players who know where they want to go, and will get there anyway! They are too mature for their average age of just 11 years, and embrace team work. This is the team that will help propel Kenya to the footballing world.

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Our vision: To nurture a modern, agile and robust football player, who will transcend cultural and international barriers to bring out the best in them.

Our Mission: To raise a new generation of super football players who will grace the 2024 Olympics and the 2026 football world cup.

Gothia Cup Final 8 team tournament, Gothia Cup team selection qualifying tournament, Nam Oyiech Tournament, Under 15s Nyanza Central FKF League
Joyland Special School